Slovenia’s Maribor Ballet presents Medea and Rite of Spring at Colón

The Maribor Opera Ballet of Slovenia delivers a hauntingly beautiful rendition of Euripides’ tragedy Medea at the Teatro Colón and one of the most anticipated events of the 16th version of the Ibero-American Theatre Festival of Bogotá (FITB).

Directed by Oliver Frljić, during five nights, starting March 20, audiences will be treated to a theatrical work that focuses on the bloodied relationships of Medea by a cast of exceptional actors. The music that accompanies this stark tragedy is melodic with piano sequences that meld with the emotional fury of the plot.

Widely regarded as one of the world’s most avant-garde production companies, Maribor Opera Ballet will also present in the same venue, from March 27 to April 1, Igor Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring and headlining for this festival as Sabat Mater/Consagración de la Primavera.

Directed by Romanian-born Edward Clug, this performance tributes the late 19th century Russian composer on the 130th anniversary of his birth and a ballet score that demonstrates Stravinsky’s mastery of orchestration. Clug’s interpretation of this epic work also takes choreography to a new dimension as the compulsive movement of exhausted and wet bodies sets the stage for a moving, glorious and spellbinding spectacle.

Performances start at 7:30 pm.

Tickets: $50,000 pesos – $150,000 pesos available at theatre box office or

Doors open at 7:00 pm.

Teatro Colón. Calle 10 No.5-32.