Odeón celebrates contemporary art in Bogotá

Fans of contemporary art won’t want to miss Odeón – Feria de Arte Contemporáneo, a four-day celebration featuring exhibitions, music and discussions in Bogotá this month.

Organizers describe the event as the “country’s foremost alternative fair” and point out that it will include works from artists and galleries in Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico, Spain and Colombia.

Odeón kicks off on Oct. 27 with a party at Video Club, a Chapinero nightclub, before officially opening the following day with chats and performances. It closes on Oct. 31 with an artistic performance and discussion on contemporary art and design.

Tickets cost $15,000 pesos for the general public and $10,000 for students. For more information, including the fair schedule, visit the website for Bogotá’s Espacio Odeón.