With museums closed as a result of the declaration of the National Health Emergency on March 20, among them Museo Nacional (National Museum), curators at this cultural landmark will take to the popular video-conferencing site Zoom on Thursday to auction 20 works by some of Colombia’s most famous painters. Starting at 6:00 pm, the event organized by the Association Friends of the Museum, requires a participation fee of $10,000 pesos prior to accessing Zoom Meetings. The fee can be paid by accessing www.latiendadelmuseo.com.co

The artists with works going under the gavel are Ana Mercedes Hoyos, Luis Caballero, Ómar Rayo, Edgar Negret, Freda Sargent, Guillermo Londoño, Ana Mosseri, Antonio Roda, Mari Paz Jaramillo Santiago Cárdenas, Alex Sastoque, Pedro Ruíz, Roberto Lombana and Alejandro de Narváez.

Lockdowns are drawing new audiences through technology and art is no exception as galleries and museums offer virtual tours. With time on our hands and access to interactive communication, “Zoombasta” marks as technological first for an institution with a long reputation for hosting exhibitions that recount historically challenging moments, and now an art auction in the age of coronavirus is one of them.