From November 6th to 9th, the Colón Theatre presents a three-part operetta with 130 artists on stage: among them opera singers, actors, circus performers and musicians accompanied by the National Symphony Orchestra of Colombia and the Choir of the Opera de Colombia.

“Black, el payaso” follows the forced exile of two rather humorless clowns and their adventures in the Parisian underworld at a time of revolution. It premiered in 1942 in Madrid, Spain and will be presented for the very first time on a Colombian stage. The show integrates plenty of young talent, as well as an impressive cast of established artists, such as Juanita Lascarro, Camilo Mendoza, Cesar Mora and Diego León Hoyos. From circus performers, to musicians, the orchestra and chorus, the stage will be transformed into a celebration of light and color!

Spaniard Ignacio Garcia is the director of “Black, el payaso” and tell us that this plot evolves around a “world of puppeteers, the nomadic artists, circus wagons and theater, appearing all to tell us about ourselves, our questions and illusions, the truths and lies that lie within our lives. ”

Laura Villegas’s work in the art direction and Jimmy Rangel’s choreography intimately contribute to the production and visual construction of the magical world of the circus.

“Black, the clown” is a celebration as much as it is a masterful musical work which captivates audiences wherever it is performed and an important production for the Teatro Colón – which having opened its doors this year – “acknowledges the work of the people of who choose theatre as their life’s vocation,” states José Manuel Alvarez, the Colón Theater’s director.

Tickets of the operetta ‘Black, el payaso’ are available at and at the box office of Teatro Colón.

Doors open at 7:30 pm.