In cinematic terms, Bogotá International Film Festival (BIFF) is a “start up,” positioning itself after two editions as a curtain riser on Latin American movie-making. Taking place this year from October 13 to 18, the festival’s third version brings out a cast of industry professionals, including critically acclaimed directors Luis Ospina (Colombia), Alejandro Fernández (Chile), Alejandro Alonso (Cuba), Ana María Salas (Colombia), Amman Abassi (USA/Pakistan), among others.

A total of 55 films from 32 countries will be screened in theatres across Bogotá as part of BIFF’s official slate. Among the five international films to be shown is the 2016 Turkish drama “Big Big World” winner of the Special Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival, and “Park” a Greek-Polish co-production that earned the New Directors Award at the San Sebastián Festival.

The Colombian documentary “En el Taller” by director Ana Salas joins Samir Oliveros’ feature of goat-chasing siblings in “El Día de la Cabra,” and Luis Ospina’s intensely personal oeuvre “Pura Sangre” in the national section.

This year’s festival also hosts for the first time the Conference of Audiovisual and Cinematographic Authorities of Latin America (CAACI), which supports film development across the re- gion. According to the festival’s director Andrés Bayona the focus is to keep positioning Bogotá as a film capital in the Americas. But it isn’t all about the business, as this festival complements filmmaking with live music and Night Screenings.

BIFF also pays tribute to the independent Brazilian production company Dezenove Som E Imagens, established by filmmakers Sara Silveira and Carlos Reichenbach, and who con- tinue to produce award-winning films.

Strenthening ties with the legendary Cannes Film Festival has been an objective of the organizers, and five features (Western, Happy End, Zombillenium, Good Time and La Cordillera), have been added to festival’s agenda. The academic side of the event, BIFF Bang! includes lectures and an opportunity to pitch proposals to experts. The children’s category – BIFF Kids – offers an opportunity for some 4,000 students enrolled in the district’s school system to meet industry pros and learn how movies are made.

The third edition of BIFF kicks-off during an important moment in this country’s filmmaking history, and as the festival continues to grow in audience; this newfound confidence will translate at the box office. And what’s good for the box office ultimately secures the future of storytelling.

And now, some of the film gems:

A Man of Integrity (Iran, 2017). Dir: Mohammad Rasoulof

Aquí No Ha Pasado Nada (Chile, 2016) Dir: Alejandro Fernández

Big Big World (Turkey, 2016) Dir: Reha Erdem

Dayveon (USA, 2017). Dir: Amman Abbasi

Don’t Call Me Son (Brazil, 2016) Dir: Anna Muylaert

El Día de la Cabra (Colombia, 2016). Dir: Samir Oliveros

En El Taller (Colombia, 2016). Dir: Ana Salas

El Proyecto (Cuba, 2016). Dir: Alejandro Alonso

Ghost Hunting (France, 2017) Dir: Raed Andoni

Happy End (France, 2016). Dir: Michael Haneke

Have a Nice Day (China, 2017) Dir: Liu Jian

Huacho (Chile, 2009) Dir: Alejandro Fernández

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