BanRep’s Artistic Exchanges presents regional artists and quarantine creations


The works of 130 artists based throughout Colombia will be showcased on windows and the facades of homes given this historical moment of quarantine with coronavirus. As part of Banco de la República’s regional arts initiative Imagen Regional – IR9 – seven curators selected 260 works from participants in 26 cities and towns. Under the umbrella definition Artistic Exchanges in Pandemic Times: Interior/Exterior, the collection takes viewers on a visual journey beyond exhibition spaces, including the Central Bank’s leading museums and cultural centers.

The artistic exchanges take place between July and December and include online networking sessions and workshops to help the creative processes of artists. The curators are Melissa Aguilar, Yolanda Chois, Máximo Flórez, Alexandra Haddad, Cristo Hoyos, Ana María Lozano and Edinson Quiñones.

Extended confinement across Colombia has forced cultural entities to reschedule concerts, exhibitions, and other events until 2021 and Banco de la República is no exception. While IR9 will be exhibited next year, the bank has also set aside an important investment to support regional artists during this pandemic. In the meantime, the selected artists must create with structural elements on the facades of their homes, including walls, windows, doors and balconies.

Each artist will record the entire art process and share with other IR9 artists who, in their own way, will reinterpret and create different works. All works are related to the broader context of the pandemic, either from a perspective of empathy, resilience and hope, or because they offer a critical view of the situation. Completed works will be recorded with photos and videos and published on the cultural platform of Banco de la República:

Audiences are invited to follow the art projects with the social media hashtag  #CambalacheDeArt and adapt their favorite work to their own homes.



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