Colombian gastronomy to be featured by Spain’s Corte Inglés

Spaniards will be able to enjoy an authentic Ajiacó Santafereño and other emblematic dishes from Bogotá when they visit their favorite retailer Corte Inglés. As part of an alliance between the Madrid-based company and Bogotá Chamber of Commerce (CCB) to promote Colombian gastronomy and fashion design across their outlets in Spain and Portugal, typical dishes and products from Bogotá will be incorporated in 100 of Corte Inglés’ cafeterias. Among the many typical snacks that will be offered to hungry shoppers are arepas de huevo, empanadas de pipián, almojábanas, and pan de yuca.

Promoting “Bogotá brand style,” representatives from Corte Inglés are in the Colombian capital, to accompany the award-winning chef Harry Sasson in the selection of two other Colombian chefs in charge of presenting a menu that will be offered as of early May to mid-June. The award for the most authentic dish with local ingredients will be held Friday 15 at Ágora International Convention Center.

Corte Inglés will also host a conference at the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce’s Chapinero center on sustainable gastronomy with a focus on local suppliers interested in entering the competitive Spanish and Portuguese markets; among them sweet manufacturers Doña Panela, arepa makers Don Maíz, the National Federation of Coffee Growers, Empresa de Licores de Cundinamarca and Tibitó Chocolates.

As a showcase of the Bogotá region as a tourism destination for food lovers, the CCB initiative also includes participating restaurants in Spain, such as Las Nubes de Castellana, that will dedicate during one week part of their menus to the very best Colombia has to offer in gastronomy.