Local news for the Bogotá area.

View of the Catedral Primada of Bogotá.

Our imagined ‘atmospheres’

Bogotá is the focus of research into what is “real” and what is “imagined.” Sometimes they come together and generate emotional “atmospheres.”
Thomas van der Hammen

Bogotá’s Thomas van der Hammen Reserve debate explained

The Thomas van der Hammen Forest Reserve north of Bogotá sparked controversy between current and former mayors, developers and environmentalists.
The Gold Museum in Bogota.

A ‘Gold’ in recognition

Botero and El Dorado gold have caught the attention of the international traveler, with two Bogotá museum on the "top" list of TripAdvisor.

Red alerts issued for 28 of Colombia’s 32 departments after torrential rains

After a week of heavy rains across Colombia, the national weather agency has issued red alerts for 28 of the country's 32 departments.
French architect Le Corbusier during many visits to Bogotá worked closely on a master plan.

Bogotá: the ‘Corbusier’ city

French architect Le Corbusier envisioned a Bogotá expanding beyond the city center far before the modern sprawl.
Bogota offers excellent vantage points for birders.

Birding in Bogotá

The wetlands and forests of Bogotá offer excellent vantage points for Birders, if one can reach them beyond the traffic.

An architect of history

Through the academy 'Escuela Taller' architect Alberto Escovar is determined to restore Bogotá's forgotten patrimony.

Does Bogotá have an architectural identity?

Leading architects explain the defining characteristics of Bogotá's cityscape. Is there a sustainable future for the capital's architecture?

What to do in Bogotá before Christmas? Here some picks

Expoartesanias is the largest arts and crafts fair in the country and requires plenty of time as the pavilions are stocked with beautiful items. There is also a shirt film fest taking place.
The skyline of Bogotá

Budgeting for Bogotá

For those earning pesos, Bogotá is on par with (and sometimes more expensive than) major world cities for cost of living.

Two explosions target Bogotá

Two explosions targeted Bogotá Thursday, one just blocks from the Stock Exchange, the other in the industrial zone of Puente Aranda.

B Capital gears up for catwalks and Bogotá’s fashion meets film experience

The three-day fashion event B Capital connects leading designers with consumers, and this year, premieres a host of fashion films.
The Viennese style clock in front of the Old Mint, La Candelaria.

A city caught in time

Time seems to stand still in Colombia's capital. Despite digital and decay, some clocks are turning their hands once again.

Binding the city together

Graffiti is part of Bogotá's visual identity and increasingly admired for its eye level creativity.
El Chorro de Quevedo by Neogranadino

The fountain of stories

At La Candelaria landmark, El Chorro de Quevedo, lively performers tell a variety of stories in a creative setting.
Potholes in Bogotá

Peñalosa goes on the offensive against Bogotá potholes

Bogotá Mayor Enrique Peñalosa hopes to cap 2,000 potholes in 100 days as part of an offensive to reclaim the city's streets.