Local news for the Bogotá area.

Bogotá's high mountain climate can be tough on newcomers.

How to handle the ups and downs of Bogotá’s high altitude

At 2,640 meters (8,660 feet) above sea level, Bogotá can throw travelers for a loop, but don't let the high altitude get you down.

El Bronx: The living hell at the heart of Bogotá

After authorities shut down one of the most violent areas of the capital, The City Paper was granted access to the living hell that was El Bronx.

As Colombia faces nationwide strike Nov.21, why are students protesting?

Students are on the march across Colombia in protest over institutional corruption and the right to peaceful protest. Incidents of violence and have changed the discussion.

Dying for a breath of Bogotá air

Bogotá’s air quality may not rank worst in South America, but city officials are adopting measures to reduce diesel emissions and take “smokey buses” off our streets.
Photographer Spencer Tunick shot this photo in Bogotá, Colombia last week.

‘I posed for peace’ say participants in Tunick’s nude Bogotá shoot

Photographer Spencer Tunick's photoshoot in Colombia took on symbolic meaning as the peace process with the FARC guerrilla group continues.

A virtual journey to Bogotá’s “El Bronx” remains online

A year after Mayor Peñalosa closed down this city’s most infamous district, El Bronx, Google Street View still offers a bizarre tour of one of its main crime-infested streets.
UFO over Bogotá, Colombia

Shape-shifting UFO spotted over Bogotá

On Sunday, April 12th a strange, erratic and "shape-shifting" object was spotted in the sky over Colombia's capital.
Spencer Tunick's work in Mexico City

10,000 Bogotanos to bare it all for photographer Spencer Tunick

Spencer Tunick is asking as many as 10,000 Bogota residents to strip down for a mass photoshoot in the Colombian capital this June.

Scopolamine attacks on the rise in Bogotá claim law enforcement

An alarming number of cases involving the illegal drug "burundanga" has city authorities on alert and citizens are advised to take extra precautions when out on the town.

Santos turns up during Bogotá shoot of “Mile 22” starring Mark Wahlberg

President Juan Manuel Santos joined the crew of "Mile 22," a Peter Berg film currently being shot in Bogotá. Actor Mark Wahlberg praised Colombia, promising to return on vacation.

Bogotá ranks among world’s most traffic congested cities, says study

The Colombian capital has been ranked by the Global Traffic Scorecard as the world's 5th most traffic congested city. Los Angeles takes world's top spot.

Masterclass on how to find an emerald in Bogotá

Many tourists fall victim to scam artists trying to sell fake emeralds on the streets of Bogotá. Here, a masterclass on how to find a beautiful stone.

Caution on the cobbled streets of Bogotá’s La Candelaria

Backpackers in Bogotá's colonial La Candelaria district are often easy targets for thieves. Here, some cautionary words from travel writer Laurence Lodge.

Bogotá’s transport network continues to inspire global cities

Even though Bogotanos have to deal with an overcrowded TransMilenio, experts in other global cities, rank the Colombian capital as an example of innovation.
Trash lines the banks of the Bogotá River.

The upstream battle for a cleaner Río Bogotá

The Río Bogotá still serves as a sewer for millions of Colombians, despite decades of efforts to clean up it waters.
The Colombian capital offers children plenty of interesting activities.

Bogotá for kids

As schools close for the summer there are many options to keep your little ones entertained in the vibrant city.