Six Colombian environmentalists are inviting the public to join them for a one day conference on how to imagine the future by sharing insights on topics that range from local conservation to global challenges.

Organized by the conservation think tank Futurible, this second ‘voyage’ (as the founding members refer to the event) takes place October 18 at the Gimnasio Moderno, and brings together thinkers from diverse fields such as Jorge Reynolds, the electrical engineer known internationally as the “father of the pacemaker;” award-winning scientist Paolo Lugari; environmentalist and former director of the Geographic Institute Agustín Codazzi Julio Carrizosa; geographer and explorer Ernesto Guhl; international maritime lawyer María Carolina Romero; climate change expert Manuel Guzmán-Hennessey and agronomist Oscar Rivera. Moderating the event is ecologist Diego Betancur.

“Futurible was born out of necessity, to address climate change issues so that students from the city’s district and private schools can understand the urgent threats to our ecosystems,” claims Betancur. The second ‘voyage’ also offers students a platform in which they can present projects to environmental experts.

At a moment in which Colombia is facing critical climate change challenges and deforestation of its Amazon rainforest at the alarming rate of 217,000 hectares in 2017 alone, Futurible’s keynote speakers will present workable solutions that include Julio Carrizosa’s presentation on Colombia’s quest for eco-sustainability, how sensory technologies can be applied to animal conservation efforts (Jorge Reynolds); understanding the impact of the Anthropocene (Ernesto Guhl); the experience of Gaviotas and sustainable agro-territories (Paolo Lugari); economics and the environment (María Carolina Romero); a global perspective on climate change (Manuel Guzmán-Hennessey) and how bees must be saved from mass extinction (Oscar Rivera).

The event begins 7:30 am at Gimnasio Moderno auditorium (Cra 9 No.74-99). For the complete schedule visit: