Bogotá’s nine million residents will be placed under strict quarantine for the third weekend in January in order to lower ICU occupancy in city hospitals. The measure announced by Mayor Claudia López will be accompanied as of Tuesday night by curfews starting 8 p.m to 4 a.m. The restrictions include a ban on alcohol sales in supermarkets and stores during the same hours as curfew, yet beer, wine, and other spirits can be purchased with home delivery.

As the Colombian capital grapples with a sharp increase in new cases from coronavirus and ICU occupancy for COVID-19 patients on Monday reached 94% – 1,862 beds used of a 1,978 total – the measures will be enforced until January 28. Bogotá has a total of 2,391 ICUs.

The identity card restriction Pico y cédula and license plate restriction (Pico y Placa) remain in effect until the Mayoralty announces future changes. There is a total restriction on mobility in nine localities (Kennedy, Ciudad Bolívar, Bosa, Fontibón, San Cristóbal, Rafael Uribe, Puente Aranda, Usme, Tunjuelito) that remain under strict quarantine and for all residents during the night curfews.