Every year on the 17th of March the world turns green in order to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. Huge festivities are held all over the globe and it’s looking like 2017 will be the most memorable year to date.

“Global Greening” is a tradition which involves turning the world’s most important and iconic monuments green to honour the national day of Ireland and commemorate the country’s patron saint. It also aims to “highlight the ties of history, culture and friendship that link Ireland to communities all over the world” reads the Global Greening statement.

Sonja Hyland, Ambassador of Ireland to Colombia, and Carlos Gómez Lecompte, Ireland’s Honorary Consul in Bogotá recently announced that this year, Colombia will join the rest of the world in going green for Saint Paddy. The Colpatria Tower, located in downtown Bogotá, will join 250 famous historic landmarks awash with green this Friday. These include The Great Wall of China, Christ the Redeemer, The London Eye and The Empire State Building to name a few – even the impressive Niagara Falls will see its water turn a bright shade of shamrock green.

This news comes just weeks after the first ever official visit to Bogotá of an Irish president. It is only fitting that Colombia should join the “greening” campaign after the successful trip of Michael Higgins.

Carlos Gómez Lecompte has shown a great deal of gratitude towards the management of the Colpatria by thanking them for their support in making Colombia’s first “greening” a reality, believing it will be “a source of great pride for the small but vibrant Irish diaspora and business community in Colombia”.

So, if you fancy taking part in the festivities this weekend, why not make your way over to The Irish Pub and grab a pint to make the most of this greenest of all celebrations.