Big Picture: A palm grows in La Candelaria

The mood may recall Marrakech, but even though there is no beach nor desert close to the Colombian capital, palms have been growing in La Candelaria for centuries.
Guambiano in Silvia, Cauca.

The colors of Cauca

With their regal dress and colorful dress code, the Guambiano indians inhabit the Cauca department.
Colombia's Rio Magdalena, as photographed by Jorge Panchoaga.

Last light on Colombia’s ‘River of Tombs’

Photographer Jorge Panchoaga captures last light on Colombia's principal river, the Magdalena, a key route for travel, transporting goods and a source of food for centuries.

Sumapaz: Into the ‘País de Niebla”

A lagoon is blanketed by clouds and wild frailejón in the high-altitude wetland of Sumapaz.
A curious passenger gets ready for a ride. (Photo by Alejandra Parra)

Bogotá in front of the camera in ‘Otrora’

Alejandra Parra's work features Bogotá from fresh perspectives in the Otrora exhibition, which runs through mid-November.
Gathering of indigenous leaders from across Colombia to honor Mother Earth in the Sumapaz wetlands. Photo: Eden Krsmanovic

Harmony for the sacred páramo of Sumapaz

A gathering at high altitude in the Sumapaz brought together indigenous representatives from across Colombia to tribute Mother Nature.
Chivas in Antioquia

Rush hour along the Chiva trail

Colombia's colorful Chivas provide a traditional and unique form of transportation, particularly in the country's central Andes region.

Big Picture from Colombia: The northernmost mule of South America

With the stunning backdrop of the Taroa Dunes in Punta Gallinas, the northernmost point of Colombia, a Wayúu family rest with their beast of burden after returning from a local market.

Maypures: Waterway of the “Eighth Wonder of the World”

Photographer Gabriel Eisenband captured this impressive picture of the Maypures rapids in the Tuparro National Park.

One horse power at a time

Trying to save of fuel and leave a very green footprint? One man in Tabio has found a way to move around at one horse power.

Big Picture: First light in the ‘mother of nations’

Stunning photograph as morning mist rises near Aguadas, Caldas. Photo: Carlos Pineda

Ten minutes of solitude

Big Picture. Cartagena is a destination for leisure and literature. The corridors under the clock tower sell everything from straw sombreros to old novels.

Big Picture: Colombia rides with the wind

Colombia is a country of sporting prowess and championship athletes. During the recent World Equestrian Games, the country's best horses and riders showed their skill on the circuit.

The red riverboat

Photographer Santiago Escobar-Jaramillo captured this image of the red riverboat of the Atrato under a stark midday sun.

Big Picture: Sweet twilight

Photojournalist Piers Calvert captures afternoon light over the sugarcane fields of Valle del Cauca.

Big Picture: The old colored doors of Quindío

After multiple trips to the heart of Colombia's Coffee Axis, Dutch photographer Fetze Weerstra created a stunning collage of the old doors of Quindío.

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