Big Picture: Taking flight with first light

Before the arrival of the first cruise ships of the day to Cartagena, this heron takes flight against a backdrop of the morning light.

The Huitoto child

Big Picture. The Huitoto inhabit the jungles of the eastern departments of Putumayo and Caqueta.
A perfect jump in Repelón, Atlantico.

Perfect jump in Repelón

A leap into the known. Diving to cool off from the summer heat in El Guajaro reservoir near Cartagena.

Maypures: Waterway of the “Eighth Wonder of the World”

Photographer Gabriel Eisenband captured this impressive picture of the Maypures rapids in the Tuparro National Park.

Fruits of work and tradition

A Palenquera wanders the beaches of Cartagena selling her tropical fruits beneath an unforgiving tropical sun.

Blue sky mining in Manaure

Workers gather sea salt in the Guajira peninsula near Manaure.

The red riverboat

Photographer Santiago Escobar-Jaramillo captured this image of the red riverboat of the Atrato under a stark midday sun.

Magic on the Magdalena

March ushers in one of the largest street parties in the Americas: the legendary Carnaval de Barranquilla.

Big Picture from Colombia: A meeting of mules in Tolima

Photographer Mike Evans has released a book of stunning images taken during seven years in Colombia. We share a Big Picture taken in Murillo, Tolima.
In Colombia, cumbia music and dance are traditions that stretch all the way back to Africa. (Photo by Carlos Bernate)

Cumbia by candlelight

With origins in Africa, Cumbia is nonetheless a deeply ingrained part of Colombian traditional culture.

Rising above the plains

Big Picture. A powered parachute takes to the skies near Puerto López in the eastern plains as a Llanero sun begins to set.

Big Picture: A mountain at the heart of art

The majestic stratosphere volcano, Nevado del Tolima, was the source of inspiration for an art exhibition in 1859 called Heart of the Andes by Frederic Edwin Church.

Leading the way in Sonsón

Photographer Carlos Valencia captured this image of market day in Sonsón, Antioquia.
A Wayúu mother and child pose in Colombia's La Guajira region. (Photo by Camilo George)

A Wayúu family moment

Devastated by drought caused by El Niño, Colombia's Wayúu community struggles to survive in the harsh but beautiful climate of La Guajira.

Morning commute in Nuquí

Big Picture. Canoes for the morning commute in Nuquí.

Big Picture: Worthless banknotes and the art of Butterflies

Art took flight with this installation by conceptual artist Sergio Mendoza during the recent Barcú cultural fair in Bogotá.

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