Four Englishmen and a ‘Green mule’


BigPicture-LlanoIan Emblin

In 1957 touring Colombia required nerves of steel, good brakes and friends willing to work as mechanics. Long before the Bogotá to Villavicencio road became paved and converted into a modern highway where bridges span gorges and tunnels break through mountains, foreigners ventured leisurely out of the capital, exploring a vast country that offered weekend excitement and plenty of adrenaline. The eastern plains of Meta, with its departmental capital, Villavicencio, has always been a popular destination and although the distance between the two cities is 100 kilometers and can be covered now in two hours, half a century ago the excursion took an entire day, especially if you were riding the “Green Mule” with Englishmen Ian Emblin, Richard Fuller, Alan Caldwell and Michael Brennan.


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