Compilation of Old Coloured Doors in Colombia´s Coffee triangle (Quindío)
Compilation of old colored doors in Colombia’s Coffee triangle (Quindío) by Fetze Weerstra.

You’ve probably heard the saying: “behind every door, there’s an opportunity.”

In the case of photographer Fetze Weerstra, the opportunity was in front of
the many doors during trips to the department of Quindío, nestled
in Colombia’s central Cordillera.

Known for producing some of the best coffee in the world, and clearly, some of the most colorful doors as well, Weestra’s image is a reflection of how the inhabitants of this small department take pride in their surroundings, decorating their homes with colors that match the richness of the natural landscape. Having moved to Colombia from his native Netherlands to capture the beauty of this country, Weestra’s work is one of optimism and hope, taking on subjects that are real and authentic. While we are curious to look inside each and every one of these homes, this series goes beyond the descriptive and illustrative – showing the emotions and character of specific places.

Located in the center of Colombia and on the obligatory route that connects the capital Bogotá with the agricultural heartland of Valle del Cauca and Pacific coast, Quindío became a department just a half-century ago, on July 1, 1966, making it a late addition to the 32 that constitute this country.

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