Big Picture: Rolling to the rhythm of Cartagena


Photo: Anthony Cuffari / Creative Commons

Scenes like the one captured in this month’s Big Picture repeat themselves every day on the streets of Cartagena, a city known for diverse street food, and sold by vendors with carts. Crossing between the Clock Tower and the Pegasus dock, three vendors push their cart towards Getsemaní, a neighboring district of the Old City, but with very different origins and history.

Inhabited mostly by peoples of non-European descent, including freed slaves, Getsemaní today is home to boutique hotels, bars and restaurants, from the traditional to avant-guard. Its laid back, sultry vibe is a big draw to tourists in search of an edgier, yet equally authentic Cartagena experience.

While Cartagena’s streets offer visitors stunning views of historical landmarks, flowering balconies, turrets and Cathedral domes, it is also where one can genuinely enjoy the flavors of the costa, with its bountiful selection of tropical fruits, juices, sweets and deep-fried snacks sold from dawn to dusk.


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