The Andes stretch across central Colombia and encompass the country’s most populous cities. With an incredible biodiversity ranging from high-altitude páramos to the temperate rolling hills of Medellin and the Coffee Region, the Colombian Andes offer something for everyone.

Buga: Town caught in a spiral of time

This town known for its miracles and imposing Basilica also offers tourists a chance to step back in time to ages of architectural splendour.
Laguna de Tota by Oliver Harvey

It’s an Iza escape

In the sun-baked uplands of Boyacá lies the small town of Iza, the gateway to Lago de Tota, Colombia’s largest natural lake.
A train once connected Apulo to Bogotá.

Apulo: The other sun-soaked getaway for Bogotá residents

For decades, Apulo has offered a sun-soaked, hot-country getaway for residents of Colombia's capital tired of the cold and rain.

Honda: A “City of Bridges” in 48 hours

Set in the breathtaking river valley of the Magdalena, Honda preserves its colonial charm and its historic buildings recall an age of maritime grandeur.
Salamina weaver in Colombia

The weaver of Salamina

When the mills moved away from Salamina, Ester Chiliguano stayed to teach new students and keep the weaving tradition alive.
August is the month of wind with the kite festival in Villa de Leyva.

Running with kites

August is the month of kites and a spectacle in one of this country’s most attractive destinations, Villa de Leyva.

Guatapé: Rock of ages

Old mule tracks and a giant basalt rock are some of the attractions of Guatapé, Antioquia.
Close to Bogotá, Chingaza is a water reserve high in the Andes.

Chingaza: Wild,wet and woolly

The tundra-like wetland of Chingaza can be a soggy, yet very satisfying outdoor experience.

Guadalupe and Colombia’s other rainbow river

A devout town in Santander is promoting its own "rainbow river" to visitors and claims it's equally as beautiful as Cano Cristales.
Socorro, Colombia

Socorro: small town, big history

One of Santander's lesser known destinations, Socorro boasts small town charm and a critical role in Colombian history.
The picturesque pueblo of Jericó in Antioquia is becoming a tourist attraction after the canonization of Mother Laura.

Jericó calling

The recent canonization of Mother Laura, Colombia’s first native-born saint, puts Jericó on the global stage.
With the planned renovation of the haunted hotel Refugio, the Tequendama Falls looks for more visitors.

Tequendama: Forgotten Falls

Tequendama is looking for a comeback. This out of sight attraction near Bogotá is considered one of Colombia's natural wonders.
In Sabaneta, Antioquia, fake can be fascinating.

Sabaneta: ‘Fonda’ life

Firewater in a '"faux" finca setting? Sabaneta, Antioquia, is home to the 'tipicó' Fonda where ‘fake’ is both charming and fascinating.
Chamba pottery in Colombia's Magdalena region

It’s a ‘Chamba’

The town of La Chamba is home to Colombia's emblematic black earthenware, handmade and polished by locals.
A map of the Department of Santander, Colombia

Dramatic Santander

Steep mountains and raging rivers are just part of scenic Santander. If you work up an appetite, nibble on fried ants.

Santa Fe de Antioquia and highlands of Colombia’s Occidente

Immerse yourself in Antioqueño hospitality and breathtaking scenery with a trip to the western highlands of the department.