The Andes stretch across central Colombia and encompass the country’s most populous cities. With an incredible biodiversity ranging from high-altitude páramos to the temperate rolling hills of Medellin and the Coffee Region, the Colombian Andes offer something for everyone.

Lagos de Menegua, near Villavicencio.

Honeymoon for six

Puerto López might not be your typical romantic getaway, but then there’s a place for everyone in Colombia.
The Puente de Occidente over the Cauca River.

Highlands of stone and steel

Santa Fe de Antioquia is more than a balmy outpost of Antioqueño hospitality. It's a tribute to Old World engineering.
The holiday season offers visitors the chance to enjoy Villa de Leyva.

Villa de Leyva “extreme”

Heading to Villa de Leyva? Catch an ancient music festival and an endurance BMX race by Andes Epic.
The picturesque pueblo of Jericó in Antioquia is becoming a tourist attraction after the canonization of Mother Laura.

Jericó calling

The recent canonization of Mother Laura, Colombia’s first native-born saint, puts Jericó on the global stage.
El Nevado de Ibague by Edgar Jimenez

The hills are alive

Ibagué is Colombia's music capital. It's also a laid-back town with gorgeous nature, tasty cuisine and perfect weather.
The capital of Boyacá is steeped in colonialism.

Gunpowder and colonial churches

Tunja may not get the attention it deserves, but with colonialism on every curb, the capital of Boyacá has its share of history and gastronomic curiosities.
View of colonial Honda by William Moore.

Twilight in Tolima

Honda on the Magdalena River is an ideal destination for those who enjoy ranch life, negotiating bulls and afternoon cocktails.
One of Colombia's most challenging rivers: Rio Suárez.

Taming the Suárez

For some the ultimate challenge, for others, a night-mare with paddles. The Río Suárez in Santander is all about extreme adrenaline.
The Catedral de Sal in the Sabana de Bogotá

Shortcut to the Sabana

Just outside the city, the Sabana de Bogotá is a world apart. Lush meadows and forests make a relaxing day trip.