The Andes stretch across central Colombia and encompass the country’s most populous cities. With an incredible biodiversity ranging from high-altitude páramos to the temperate rolling hills of Medellin and the Coffee Region, the Colombian Andes offer something for everyone.

Santa Fe de Antioquia and highlands of Colombia’s Occidente

Immerse yourself in Antioqueño hospitality and breathtaking scenery with a trip to the western highlands of the department.
Graffiti in Medellín

Medellín’s revival: Ciudad del Río

An aggressive urban renewal project in Medellín is transforming a derelict district into a lively and creative hub for art and gastronomy.
Colombia offers spectacular views for campers.

Where to pitch your tent in the Colombian Andes

If enamoured by the landscapes of Cundinamarca and Boyacá, there are several camping options not far from the capital.
Neusa near Bogotá was once a Musica sacred lake.

Neusa: Lake of ‘mystics’

Once a sacred lake of the Muisca, Neusa, with its tranquil waters and pine forests is a great escape for word conscious day-trippers.

Guatapé: Rock of ages

Old mule tracks and a giant basalt rock are some of the attractions of Guatapé, Antioquia.

Between Earth and Sky: A guide to adventure travel in San Gil

San Gil is the adventure capital of Colombia and gateway to a region of stunning landscapes and agro-tourism.

A hike to the peak of the Santa Isabel glacier is a race against...

A hike to the summit of Santa Isabel in Los Nevados National Park is a chance to reflect on the impact of global warming on our glaciers.
Chaguaní celebrates singleness each May during the Festival del Soltero.

Be single and mingle at Chaguaní’s Festival del Soltero

For three days each year everyone in the Colombian town of Chaguaní gets to be single again as part of the Festival del Soltero cultural celebration.
Close to Bogotá, Chingaza is a water reserve high in the Andes.

Chingaza: Wild,wet and woolly

The tundra-like wetland of Chingaza can be a soggy, yet very satisfying outdoor experience.

Huila: Return to deepest Colombia

Our Bogotá street reporter par excelence travels the open road to Huila and discovers a genuine Colombian experience, tinted with Kerouacian nostalgia.
The Guavio reservoir in Cundinamarca.

Guavio: A ‘dam’ good outing

Looking for a scenic ‘G route’ across Cundinamarca? Pass through Guasca, Gama, Gachalá and Gachetá to reach Guavio.
Rafting in Huila, Colombia

San Agustín and so much more

The Huila department offers archaeological wonders, thrilling river rapids and stunning natural scenery.

Tibasosa in Boyacá set to host its yearly Feijoa Festival

If traveling the backwaters of Boyacá don’t miss Tibasosa's feijoa festival, which celebrates this small green fruit.
Lengerke's trail through Colombia

On Lengerke’s trail

A walker's paradise, Guane offers visitors the chance to retrace the steps German explorer Geo von Lengerke.
A beautiful town in Santander offers visitors interesting shopping options.

Adventure shopping in Barichara

From bottles of frothy sabajón to hand-rolled cigars, Barichara on a weekend offers tourists plenty of adventure shopping. Don't miss out on our tips.
The main cathedral in Manizales, Colombia

Beyond coffee in Caldas

Oliver Harvey tours wind-swept Manizales and what just might be Colombia’s coffee central, Chinchiná.