Colombia’s immigration authority, Migración Colombia, deported 59 Venezuelans on Monday for their role in committing acts of vandalism and instigating violence during the start of the national strike, Paro Nacional.

In joint security operations by the Special Operations Group (GOES) and criminal investigations unit of the National Police (Sijin), 59 men and women were arrested and taken to detention centers. The Venezuelans departed Bogotá on board a military transport aircraft to Puerto Inírida, in the department of Guainia before a Navy frigate delivers them to Venezuelan authorities at the Amazonian border crossing of San Fernando de Atabapo.

All the Venezuelan deportees were escorted handcuffed by Migración Colombia to the aircraft. Raids by the National Police to capture the vandals were conducted in bars and restaurants in five localities of Bogotá.

The director of Migración Colombia Christian Krüger released an official statement Monday in which he writes: “The expulsion is based on preserving safety and order in all the country, as well as the good image of Venezuelans who are in our territory.” Colombia’s top immigration official goes on the state: “We are not going to allow any foreigner to affect our tranquility. We have respected foreigners participating in the marches. We have extended a helping hand to Venezuelans when they have needed us, but what we will not allow is for a group of delinquents to come and affect the security of our cities.”