Colombia: Talking the “game”

In Colombia, the sports commentary is almost as important as the game unfolding on the field.

The ‘Hurones’ of Casanare

With pristine trails along the Eastern Cordillera, Casanare is hosting the 2nd edition of the 'Hurones' expedition.
copa america colombia

As Team Colombia faces USA in final match of Copa America, what went wrong...

Team Colombia faces its final match in the Copa America Centenario Saturday against the USA. What failed Wednesday to dash hopes for a final against Argentina?

Copa America: A preview

Will Colombia be able to continue their success from the World Cup and show they are more than just exciting contenders?

All eyes on Colombia in Rio Olympics

As the Rio 2016 Games begin, Colombia has the chance to bring home the gold in several disciplines.
david ospina copa america

Colombia past Peru into the Copa America semifinals

Colombia wasn't good — but David Ospina was great. And that was enough to get by Peru and advance to the semifinals.
Kids in Tumaco by Piers Calvert

Cradle of champions

For kids in Tumaco, football is often seen as one of the only ways out of the impoverished fishing town.
Football in Bogotá

The other “Football”

Colombia's first sport will always be football, but North American football is gaining popularity with a handful of teams around the country.

‘Ultimate’ friendships

Ultimate Frisbee can create lasting friendships, especially for those looking to integrate into a new community.

U-20 World Cup: Future stars to shine

The U-20 World Cup has attracted legions of scouts in the hope of securing the next star of the future.