In-depth stories on Colombia from our international team of writers and photographers.

20 Questions: Timothée de Saint-Albin

A former journalist turned rare map collector , Timothée de Saint-Albin is generating new interest in Colombia’s patrimony and printed heritage.

Flight of the ‘Lauras’

Every year a migration spectacle occurs in Colombia's skies when 20,000 'Lauras' escaping the onset of winter head south.

Colombian adoption: From the selva to Holland and back again

Adopted from Colombia as a child, Santiago Jordaan returned to his tribal home in the Amazon to learn Huitoto traditions and share the experience with his fellow Dutch citizens.
Urban circus Colombia

Dreaming big under the big top

The circus Felicity Simpson founded — Circo para Todos — is more than acrobatics. It’s an agent of social change.

The Colombian chiva and Pineda’s mandalas in motion

Colombian photographer Carlos Pineda spent years documenting the art of chiva bus design in the coffee region to discover unique mandala designs.
Valeriano Lanchas

Valeriano Lanchas: the baritone from Bogotá

With back to back performances lined up well into next year, Bogotá native Valeriano Lanchas is quickly becoming Colombia's biggest opera star.

No Place Like Home?

Nasa's Kepler mission has discovered small habitable-sized planets . Has to time come to create new "homes" in our universe?
Dr. Jorge Reynolds holds a model of a human heart

Colombia’s pioneer of the electric heart

From whales to nanotechnology, pacemaker inventor Dr. Jorge Reynolds' passion for the heart saved millions of lives and inspired a nation.

Mambe series: Sacred plants reservations and “ayahuasca tourism”

is the mainstreaming of mambe and other sacred plants and excuse to view the world through the prism of hallucinogens?

Juan José Nieto Gil recognized as Colombia’s black president

A replica of Colombia's only black president is being displayed in Casa de Nariño, but the legacy of Juan José Nieto Gil remains one of abandonment and historical exclusion

Colombia’s Chiribiquete aims for UNESCO’s prestigious recognition

Chiribiquete National Park has been proposed to UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage site. The largest of all protected parks in Colombia is also one of the most topographically diverse.

Pasos de Héroe: Uplifting film tribute to child landmine victims

Colombian film director Henry Rincón's debut feature "Pasos de Héroe" takes on the poignant theme of children landmine victims.

Letter from “Anonymous”: I was a prisoner of FARC

In a letter, one prominent businessman recalls how we has sold into captivity and endured 10 months as an "economic prisoner" of the Colombian guerrilla.

Andrew Crawford: Colombia’s frogs face “massacre” with illegal trafficking

Andrew Crawford is Associate Professor of Biology at Los Andes University. He spoke with The City Paper about the multiple threats facing Colombia's "Kermits."

Colombia’s Bicentenary: The landmarks of the Liberator

As the country celebrates 200 years of Independence, The City Paper follows the trail of the Liberator from Tame in Arauca, through Casanare, and into the mountains of Boyacá.
Palestinians in Gaza for The Mark News.

The time to reconcile?

Did Israeli's Netanyahu precipitate the reconciliation of rival Palestinian factions after suspending peace talks?