At the opening of the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, last week Executive Producer Buck Allen announced the launch of ‘Journey to the Heart of the World’, a project in development to adapt author John Lundin’s epic fantasy novel, Journey to the Heart of the World, as a feature film to be shot on location in Colombia and which will showcase the natural beauty of Colombia and present the environmental and spiritual message of its indigenous peoples to young adult audiences around the world.

Colombia is rapidly becoming a location-of-choice for international filmmakers.

Colombia is amazingly beautiful and seems specially created by nature to nurture the dreams of filmmakers in search of the one place capable of providing an entire range of gorgeous scenery perfect for creating a magnificent film.

Colombia is currently one of Latin America’s leading cultural epicenters, especially with regard to audiovisual production. Television productions are sold to and broadcast in over eighty countries. Large production companies like Fox have formed alliances and begun to operate in Bogotá, producing several television series, and Sony and Disney have also produced television series in Colombia for the international market.  Every year around thirty international commercial spots for major brands are filmed and in the last decade a number of international films were produced in the country.

In announcing his new film project at Sundance, Buck Allen said, “We are pleased to be able to showcase Colombia’s natural diversity as well as its cultural diversity in an important film being shot on location in la Sierra Nevada with the assistance of the indigenous Elders. The Mamos as they are called have asked John Lundin to write a book that will share their environmental and spiritual message with the world, and this new film project is an opportunity to share that message – and the beauty of Colombia – with a much wider audience.”

Allen continued, “We are looking forward to working closely with the Colombian Film Commission that is dedicated to making Colombia an even more active center for feature film making than it already is. Colombia offers many advantages to audiovisual productions, most notably its diverse geography and landscapes, and of course the diversity of its people and cultures, including the wisdom of its indigenous peoples.”

Don’t be surprised if one day tourists are visiting Colombia to explore the locations where their favorite motion pictures were filmed. In the words of the Colombian Film Commission, “We are privileged to possess such natural scenery and we want to help our country become the Latin American leader in international productions.”

Just as Colombia’s tourism promotion proclaims that the only danger in visiting Colombia is in never wanting to leave, the Colombia Film Commission proudly says, “Welcome to Colombia!  It’s not what you’ve heard, it’s what you see!”