Reviews and dining suggestions for bars and cocktails in Bogotá, Colombia.

Martini by Caroline Scuro

Midweek martini

After a long day at work or for a night on the town, try these legendary bars for the perfect midweek cocktail.
Interior of the Little Indian in Bogota.

Bogotá’s Little Indian bar is gin, lights, ‘superstar’

A Bogotá gin club sparkles with Bollywood ambience, but is distant from authentic Mumbai madness.
Cocktails by Sylvain Citerne

EnObra: no work in progress

Despite what it's name might suggest, EnObra is fully operational and one of the trendiest bars in the La Macarena.
Barman Gabriel Lowe of the Black Bear.

The bar at the ‘Bear’

A renovated Bogotá home has inspired a raw bar. Years of experience are reflected in the drinks and dishes of ‘Black Bear’