Fabio Rubiano is one of Colombia’s most innovative dramaturgists who has written extensively for television, film and his great passion, the stage. Born in the Cundinamarca town of Fusagasuga in 1963, after finishing his education, and a brief stint at running a salsa bar in Bogotá, Rubiano teamed up with “life partner” Marcela Valencia, to create a new theatrical proposition for the city known as Teatro Petra. For three decades, Teatro Petra, has put on the stage and screen, innovative works and, as a result, won many national and international awards.

Starting March 5th and running until the 22nd, the Teatro Colón will present its first ever co-production with Teatro Petra, headlining the play ‘Labio de Liebre’ (Hare Lip). Written and directed by Rubiano and starring Marcela Valencia, Jacques Toukhmanian, Liliana Escobar, Biassini Segura and Ana Maria Cuellar, Labio de liebre takes on universal themes of love and revenge layered with Rubiano’s characteristic black comedy.

The drama unravels itself in a “parallel universe,” the happiest place on earth (sounds familiar?) – where the worst punishment is being banished to the Territorio Blanco (White Territory). The characters, trapped with contradictory emotions, begin to tackle a fundamental question: Is it better to forgive, or is revenge a better response?

In Hare Lip, victims become victimizers and vice versa. Personal “ghosts” are exorcised by executioners, disguised as caregivers. The characters are given to interpret and do not follow a strict dramatic script. The audience is given free reign as well, to take what they see, what they feel, whether reconcilable or reprehensible.

The characters will be loved and hated, feared and understood. The piece balances itself comfortably between dark humour and acute dialogue. The work of Laura Villegas in art direction contributes intimately to the overall production and the imaginary world of the story that unfolds.

Labio de Liebre comes to the Colón Theatre in a year which marks Teatro Petra’s 30th anniversary. This first collaboration between a centuries-old venue and a theatre company known for putting on the stage plays relating to the Colombian identity is not fortuitous; and audiences will enjoy the opportunity to delve deeper into what makes Rubiano’s contemporary storytelling so captivating.

In its continuing support of Colombian theatrical talent, the Teatro Colón will open its doors to the public with specially-discounted and affordable tickets, ranging from $10,000 pesos to $ 30,000.

Teatro Colón

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