A world premiere of Orpheus comes to the stage at the end of November and which marks a second large-scale production by the Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo.

Upon the critical success of Carmina Burana in 2013, the Teatro Mayor is set to take audiences on a journey to the “underworld” thanks to the stage direction and staging by Rolf and Heidi Abderhalden of the contemporary theatre group Mapa Teatro, as well as the musical direction by Christina Pluhar of L’Arpeggiata (France).

‘Orfeo’ is a contemporary take on a Greek tale immortalized in the music of Glück and Monteverdi. But the rendition of this Orpheus is based on a score by Colombian Hugo Chaparro Valderrama and although there are strong Baroque elements to the music and production, the ‘Orfeo’ audiences will enjoy at the Teatro Mayor draws on thematic elements of pre-Columbian mythology. Chaparro breaks through the language barrier with a diverse cast of actors, acrobats, dancers and musicians.

The Teatro Mayor will host two performances on Friday November 28th and Saturday 29th. A not to be missed premiere for Bogotá and at the start of the holiday season.

Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo. Calle 170 No. 67-51.

Ticket prices start at $35,000 COP.