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    Jorge Cárdenas, María Consuelo Araujo, Gloria Zea, Belisario Betancur
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    Beatriz Pérez, José Pablo Uricoechea
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    Francisco de Valdenebro, Juliana de Valdenebro
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    Andrés Delgado, Luis Luna, Eduardo Serrano
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    Alexandra Andrade, Ramón Velilla, María Alejandra Velilla
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    Pilar Castaño, Guillermo Uribe
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    Moisés Melo, Giomar Acevedo, Benjamín Villegas


The Bogotá Museum of Modern Art (MAMBO) celebrated 50 years at the end of February with a gala held to inaugurate the retrospective exhibition entitled “La Colección.” Works encompassing the entirety of the museum’s collection will be on display throughout the month of March to commemorate the momentous occasion. The event was attended by luminaries of Colombian art and culture.

Home » Community » MAMBO: 50-year gala

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