Carlos Nieto is a highly respected name in Colombian fashion and the only men’s clothing company with 41 years experience in the industry. With retail outlets across the country and a name that communicates confidence and elegance from its extensive casual collection to formalwear, the brand launched their most recent campaign Hechos Para Triunfar (“Made to Succeed”) with a reforestation initiative in the nature reservation Reserva Biológica El Encenillo, Cundinamarca.

Accompanied by environmentalists, journalists and members from the community of Guasca where the reserve is located, Antonio Nieto, brother of founder Carlos Nieto and the retailer’s General Manager, drew attention to the urgency of preserving Colombia’s endangered high-altitude wetlands – páramos.

The company’s  commitment to dressing men is matched by their call to action for conservation initiatives that can combat climate change in a country where forests are disappearing at an alarming rate. According to the country’s Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies (IDEAM), Colombia lost 178,000 hectares of tropical forest in 2017, up 44% than the previous year.

During the tree-planting on November 5, Alberto Nieto remarked: “It’s about raising awareness of the importance of Colombia’s páramos in maintaining the environmental balance of our planet’s ecosystems.”