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Village votes to ban mega mine of ‘La Colosa’

Residents of Cajamarca took a nearly unanimous decision in a popular vote on March 26 to block a massive gold mine, dubbed ‘La Colosa’.

Why medicinal cannabis is a slow growing business in Colombia

Biopharmaceutical companies in Colombia are facing legal delays with their licenses to begin cultivating medicinal cannabis.

Anato kicks off in post-conflict Colombia to promote tourism potential

The 36th edition of Anato, the country's most important travel fair, kicked off Wednesday with an emphasis on promoting eco-tourism in post-conflict Colombia.

One in five on U.S Treasury blacklist are Colombian

Colombia still tops the so- called “Clinton List” with 1,930 persons and companies prohibited to engage directly with the United States and vice versa.

Peacetime renaissance for Colombia’s culinary and agricultural chocolate

With the post-conflict, Colombia could join the ranks of leading cacao producers in the world. The appetite from homegrown chocolate is also growing.

Hyatt launches $200 million luxury hotel in Cartagena

The inauguration of Hyatt's luxury hotel in Cartagena this month is the latest in a series of expansion projects by leading hotel groups in Colombia. But more rooms hasn't boosted occupancy.
trump colombian economy

How will President Trump affect the Colombian economy?

President Trump's policies will have major ramifications for the fate of the Colombian economy, peso, and global trade.

Reforma Tributaria: No smiles over more taxes

Overseas, talk of Colombia is all peace. But on the homefront, an aggressive tax reform aims to expand the collection base and proposes a 19% IVA, one of the highest in the hemisphere.

Colombia’s Hass avocados to head stateside

Once native to California, Colombia's Hass avocado is becoming this country’s golden export and now certified for U.S consumers.

Colombia a leader in commitment to 2030 UN Development Goals

The United Nations has praised Colombia for its commitment to the Development Goals, but progress remains slow on key issues.

InBev merger with SABMiller means more beer choice for Colombia

The recent corporate merger between InBev and SABMiller means Colombians get more choice when it comes to international beers while staying true to homemade brews.

Colombia offers Dreamliner service to Blighty and beyond

The busy trans-Atlantic route covered by Avianca and major European carriers now offers passengers the option of enjoying a Dreamliner experience to Madrid and London.

Ford Foundation returns to Colombia

One of the world's most respected charities returns to Colombia to finish its original mission of financing economic opportunities, inclusion and equality.
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Colombian peso falls after voters reject peace deal

Colombia's peso fell on Monday following a Sunday plebiscite that rejected a peace agreement between the government and the FARC guerrilla group.

Colombia improving citizen access to banking system

Limited access to banking remains a major barrier to many Colombians, but there are signs of greater financial inclusion states Brookings.

Conceptos Plásticos: Living in “Lego”

Colombian social entrepreneurs Conceptos Plásticos won The Venture prize for homes and temporary shelters made from molten plastic.

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