Bogotá’s desolate streets, empty office towers and abandoned landmarks were captured by photographer Javier Rey on the first day of the nationwide quarantine.

With nine million inhabitants under “stay at home” orders, these striking and eerie images reveal the Colombian capital at the mercy of the COVID-19 pandemic.

1.   Avenida Jiménez with the Cra 9.

2.Museo del Oro (Parque Santander). Carrera 7 with Calle 16. 3. Banco de la República building and Eje Ambiental. Cra 7 with Calle 14.4. View from the Carrera 7 with Calle 26.5. National Congress, Plaza de Bolívar. 5. Palace of Justice, Plaza de Bolívar.

6. Avenida Jiménez with Cra 9. 7. View of Calle 26 from Cra 30.

8. Centro Internacional. 9. Barrio Restrepo. Calle de Artes Gráficas.

10. Carrera 7 with Calle 72.

11.Carrera 30 with Calle 19.

All photos courtesy of Javier Rey for The City Paper.