Bogotá bars and pubs to close as coronavirus cases reach 54

As the Health Emergency descended over the Colombian capital this weekend, many Bogotá bars and pubs decided to stock-pile the beer bellies of costumers for  St.Patrick’s Day. Despite a government order banning all events involving 500 people or more, city galleries, libraries, museums are all enforcing public health measures even if they draw much smaller audiences than well-known watering holes of Bogotá Beer Company and The Irish.

As many foreigners snubbed at the health of others reaching for that extra pint to mark shamrock and a traditional celebration that has all but been cancelled through-out Ireland, Colombia’s immigration authority is enforcing the Health Emergency by expelling any foreigner who breaks self-isolation.

The reaction among many Bogotanos to the irresponsible behavior of bars crowding their establishments as cases of coronavirus are increasing every day in the capital forced the Bar Association (Asobares) to announce Monday morning that all their affiliates will temporarily close their doors on Tuesday. “We place our decision firmly in the hands of the government, represented in President Iván Duque, the Mayoralty, represented in Claudia López and all the local authorities who are doing their utmost during this emergency,” reads the entity’s official statement.

Also adopting tough measures to ensure public safety is the country’s largest movie group, Cine Colombia, closing nationwide all theatres for an initial 10-day period.

Colombia has 54 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus. On Monday, all travelers who are not foreign residents or nationals are barred from entering Colombia. The over-land border with Venezuela is also closed, as the neighboring country confronts the first cases of the disease.

President Duque announced that both nations will coordinate efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19 among their populations.