Bogotanos are bracing themselves for the second ‘No Car Day’ this year and one which starts Wednesday at 5:00 am.

Just over two months since the first No Car Day of 2015 – on February 6 – millions will have to commute to work tomorrow on foot, on public transport or two wheelers.

Yellow taxis may circulate, yet in this capital of 8 million, may be hard to Tappsi and catch on a whim on the street. So plan to limit your errands and schedule your meetings accordingly.

Mayor Gustavo Petro decreed another Día Sin Carro after the capital witnessed a considerable reduction in levels of both noise and pollution in February. Authorities expect that close to 1.4 million will take to the city’s cycle paths as 1.2 million cars are prohibited from circulating; unless you ride around in a bulletproof vehicle with the appropriate government waiver.

Following the contentious decision in February to restrict motorbikes on No Car Day, some 400,000 ‘motos’ will have to stay parked at home or risk a heavy fine and the very real possibility of being impounded by the Transit Police.

Bogotanos will be able to use Wednesday 402 kms of the official Ciclorutas and Sunday Ciclovía, as well as an additional 63 kms of specially-designated bike lanes along secondary roads.

Should you not own pedal transport, the mayoralty has set up along five of the main bicicorredores (Bike corridors) booths in which one can borrow a bike, free of charge, of the 200 set aside. You must register with the website of the Institute of Sports and Recreation to take advantage of this service.

If pedal power in good weather is your preferred means of transportation, then remember to take all the necessary precautions, such as wearing reflective clothing, a helmet and above all, respecting the traffic regulations. If rusty on the wheels, ask to work from home.

No Car Day concludes Wednesday, April 22, at 7:30 pm.