Bogotá Restaurant and Dining Guide

Hungry in Bogotá? The City Paper is the most comprehensive English-language Bogotá restaurant guide. We’ve got reviews of bars, bakeries and cafés too. So if you’re looking for a prime cut of beef, a vegan lunch spot, a hot cup of coffee or the hottest new bar in Colombia’s capital, this is the place to start.


You’re in Colombia, so getting a taste of the local cuisine should be top priority. Try these restaurants for authentic Colombian cuisine.

Latin American

Branch out of Colombia’s culinary culture and try what the rest of Latin America has to offer. These restaurants dish up Peruvian, Brazilian and Argentinian plates, among other Latin American flavors.


Sometimes you’re just in the mood for a juicy burger, a big Texas-style steak or some Southern barbecue. Particular if you’re an ex-pat from the States. These American food restaurants bring the USA to Bogotá.

The Market at JW Marriot Bogotá

The Market offers customizable dining options around the clock, making it a novelty in Bogotá, where many restaurants close early.
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Bogotá’s Asian restaurant scene is relatively new, but there are a handful of noteworthy spots for Sushi, Japanese and Chinese cuisine. The city’s Indian food culture is surprisingly robust as well.


For European flair high up in the Andes, it’s hard to beat the classic cooking of a good French restaurant. Viva Francia!

Balzac is Bogotá is both an oyster bar and French restaurant.

With its oyster bar and traditional French steak frites, Balzac excels in a real world of good food.
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Italian food is so much more than pasta and tomato sauce, and these restaurants are the ticket to exploring everything Italy has to offer Bogotá’s culinary scene.


Looking for gyros, shish kebabs, lamb or hummus, try these Mediterranean and Middle Eastern restaurants for some warm, sunny flavor even on the gloomiest days.

Interior of Baita in Bogotá.

Bogotá’s newest Middle Eastern restaurant, Baita, celebrates Israeli gastronomy in a loft-like setting.
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Bogotá is miles away from the ocean, but Colombia’s dual coastlines, mountain lakes and thousands of miles of rivers provide plenty of fish and shellfish. For coastal flavor, these seafood restaurants can’t be beat.

With its creative gastronomy of Andean ingredients Matiz ranks among the ver best.

The exceptional Matiz combines Peruvian and Colombian ingredients to create uniquely masterful dishes.
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Spanish culture has plenty of remnants in Colombia, but the two countries’ food traditions diverged centuries ago. For a taste of the Old World, nothing beats a Spanish restaurant.

Vegetarian and Vegan

Sticking to a vegetarian or vegan diet in Colombia can be a challenge, but Bogotá has a substantial and growing selection of meatless menus to sample. Here are a few ideas.

Madre restaurant in La candelaria

Many vibrant places are incorporating no-meat dishes on the menu. Here a sampling of looking for some “green” in Bogotá.
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Bakeries and Cafes

Starches are big in Colombian food and Colombia is coffee country. These shops go way above and beyond the typical panaderia or streetside tinto, offering truly artisanal breads, coffees, desserts and other baked treats.


Nightlife is king in Bogotá, and there is no shortage of bars to choose from for an after-work cocktail or a late-night cerveza. These spots offer up the best booze Colombia’s capital has to offer.